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Purpose Of These Lists:

These pages are intended as a place where Borland Delphi developers can find a list of known problems with the products. As much as possible, workarounds will be included in the list, so that the list can really save us Delphi programmers time and trouble.

I also consider the list as a kind of 'to do list' for Borland, so they know what they have to fix in their patches/upgrades. Therefore I am also prepared to add people's ideas about wished new features (e.g. in the Code Editor) at appropriate places in the list.

Borland and the Delphi Bug Lists

Of course, you are encouraged to (also) submit your bug reports to Borland. The URL of their Bug Entry Form is:

One warning:
I don't know if this has changed lately, but I have heard many people expressing their disappointment about the (lack of) response from Borland to bug reports.
So I advise you not to expect too much from that; just send them in because I still think that submitting bug reports increases the chance of them getting fixed one day.

Personally, *I* don't forward the bug reports I receive to Borland. For two reasons:
1. It would take too much of my time, and
2. The way I publish them should be good enough for Borland to be able to take notice of them.

Borland Delphi Bug List?

It seems that Borland is starting to take publishing an official bug list seriously. Their Delphi 5 bug list can be found at:
Delphi 4 fixes and known issues are at:
The list of 'Enhancements and Fixes' in the Delphi 3.01 Maintenance release is at:

Please send in your own bug reports

These Delphi Bug List web pages have been growing steadily since I started, thanks to all people who have sent me their new bug reports and comments to existing ones.

If you know of any bugs (or things closely resembling bugs), please report them by sending us an E-mail message describing the bug.
In the beginning, bug reports in all forms were accepted, but it turned out that a substantial number of bug reports lacked essential information, like which Delphi version was referred to or how the bug can be reproduced. Therefore, we ask you to take a look at the
'Bug reporting policy page' before sending in your bug report.
After checking and editing them in the 'Bug List format', the bug report will be added to this list.

More general feedback is also very much appreciated, including typos, HTML errors, bad links, suggestions about layout, remarks about whether you think certain items are useful or not, anything.
Mail your comments to
Note: replace "_AT_" with "@". The Email address has been crippled to reduce spam.

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Acknowledgements; history of these pages:

The Delphi Bug Lists are presently maintained by
Jordan Russell, who has taken over this task from Reinier Sterkenburg since August 2000.

In early May 1995, Brad Stowers created the first Delphi Bug List and made it available to the public. Many of his original comments can still be found within the text.
In September 1995, Mark Johnson took over and gave the list a better look. He did a teriffic job, as you all can see, because today's list still has the layout designed by him, including the bug images.
In March 1996 John Pullen started his Delphi 2.0 page with also a bug collection on it. At the same time I (Reinier Sterkenburg) started doing something similar. After a few E-messages between John Pullen, Mark Johnson and me, it was agreed that the Delphi Bug Lists would be moved to my Web site. I have been maintaining it since then.

® Borland Delphi is a registered trademark of Borland International.

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the rest of the files are in (263,244 bytes; 7 November 1999).
Because of the amount of work (and uploading time) that is required, these files are not always kept up-to-date. To see how much you are missing, compare the file dates given above with the latest entries on the What's New page.

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The 'Home site' of The Delphi Bug List is located in the Netherlands, at:
Brad Stowers mirrors it in the US, at:
Brad's site has a mirror in the UK, so another mirror of the Bug List is at:

Searching the Delphi Bug List

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The Delphi Bug Lists are presently maintained by Jordan Russell, who has taken over this task from Reinier Sterkenburg since August 2000.