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New submissions are not being accepted/processed at the present time. I've been taking a break from updating the site to see how Borland's own bug tracking system, QualityCentral, pans out. As of now, I don't have an estimate of when work on the site will resume. Sorry for any inconvenience.
- Jordan Russell

Before sending a bug report, please have a look at the following directions. If you follow these, your bug report has a much higher chance of being processed promptly.

Please include the following information:

Bugs may be reported in the following languages (ordered alphabetically): We prefer you to use English because we *will* have to translate the bug reports into English for publishing. If you can't provide all this information but still think what you have to tell is relevant for the Bug List: don't hesitate to send it to us; at worst, you'll be asked to clarify on specific points.

Please send your bug report to
Note: replace "_AT_" with "@". The Email address has been crippled to reduce spam.
Note 1:
In many cases you will not get a reply to your message. If the bug report is 'valid' you will see it appear on the Bug List within days or weeks. If you don't see it appear and you also haven't had any reply within a month, it may help to send an extra message asking what happended.

Latest update of this page: 15 July 1999

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